4K Modular Multiviewer video processor

Most Flexible and Modular 4K Multiviewer to fit any installation

Introducing 4KCRAFT, the ultimate solution for creating custom, high-performance setups tailored to your specific needs. With the ability to handle up to 16 inputs, including 12G/3G/HD/SD SDI or HDMI, and up to 4 outputs (3G/HD/SD SDI) or a single 4K HDMI output, this cutting-edge technology allows you to display all your inputs simultaneously on-screen in any size and position you desire.

Experience unrivaled convenience with up to 6 layouts that can be conveniently stored in the 4KCRAFT system, readily accessible through direct keys on the front keypad or our intuitive web-based Control Software. Take full control of your 4KCRAFT units remotely, effortlessly managing them with a tablet, phone, or PC.

4KCRAFT not only delivers exceptional flexibility with up to 16 sources but also offers the unique capability to expand your installation by cascading up to 64 sources. Featuring our groundbreaking No Delay Cascade Engine.

Elevate your control room or production setup to unprecedented levels of performance and versatility with 4KCRAFT. Experience seamless integration, exceptional quality, and unparalleled convenience in a single, comprehensive solution.

With compact and Lightweight 1 RU Aluminium design, 4KCRAFT is an energy-efficient Multiviewer that grant low temperature while working.

Full Featured Multiviewer

- 4K Modular Multiviewer system
- Hardware based (NO Pc, NO hard-drive)
- Easy to use scalable modular multiviewer system
- 8 or 16 (12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI) or HDMI inputs in 1RU
- up to 4 x 3G/HD SDI and 1 HDMI 4K output
- High quality image processing engine with low processing delay
- Quick control: Easy to use keyboard with user configurable direct keys and encoder
- Aspect Ratio Selection (4:3, 16:9)
- ATC & D-VITC Time code (SDI)
- Markers and safety areas
- No audio, Silence, No input and Black image on screen alarms
- 16 Channel Audio Level Meters (embedded audio)(3G/HD/SD-SDI)

- Selectable format of Audio level meters (Vertical or Horitzontal)
- NTP and Local Clocks and Timers
- 16 characters UMD and video format information per input
- Tally and UMD, TSL 3.1 and 5.0 compatible
- Selectable Background, border, text color
- Free user friendly web-based drag and drop control software and firmware update by USB
- SNMP Compatible system
- Redundant power supply
- Space-saving, fanless, energy-efficient and lightweight aluminium design

4K Modular Multiviewer draw
Features Multiviewers 4craft

4KCRAFT is the ideal choice for monitoring massive control rooms, multi-camera productions, and installations with an abundance of sources, all while ensuring the highest quality. Whether you are working with camera feeds, matrices, PCs, or other signals, 4KCRAFT effortlessly supports any combination of SDI and HDMI signals in any format and frame rate, thanks to its state-of-the-art scaling and re-synchronization engine.


Three models to offer maximum flexibility at best price!

Experience the versatility of 4KCRAFT Multiviewers, offering three distinct models designed to accommodate any budget and project requirements. Once you have determined the necessary inputs for your project, whether it is 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI or HDMI, simply choose between the QUATRO, DUO, or ONE models based on your specific needs.

4KCRAFT is a user-friendly modular Multiviewer that provides up to 4 x 3G/HD SDI outputs and a 4K HDMI output (with support for up to 50/60 Hz, depending on the model). With 8 or 16 12G/3G/HD/SD SDI or HDMI inputs, this innovative solution offers seamless integration.

Leveraging a cutting-edge image processing engine, 4KCRAFT delivers superior image quality while minimizing processing delays. Experience the convenience and power of 4KCRAFT Multiviewers, combining reliability, flexibility, and exceptional performance in a single solution.

4K Modular Multiviewer draw

Flexible and Modular design

Mix 12G/3G/HD/SD SDI and HDMI sources with best quality

Unlock the potential of custom solutions with 4KCRAFT. Choose between 8 or 16 inputs, supporting a range of 12G/3G/HD/SD SDI or HDMI sources, and enjoy up to 4 outputs (3G/HD/SD SDI) or a single 4K HDMI output. With 4KCRAFT, you have the freedom to display all your sources on-screen simultaneously, effortlessly adjusting their size and position to suit your needs.

Experience unparalleled compatibility with 4KCRAFT support for any combination of SDI and HDMI signals, regardless of format or frame rate. Thanks to its top-of-the-line scaling and re-synchronization engine, you can expect exceptional image quality and seamless integration. Each view on the screen functions as an independent monitor, providing you with the utmost flexibility and control.

Embrace the power of 4KCRAFT and elevate your visual experience. With its customizable solutions, comprehensive signal support, and independent views, it is the ultimate choice for enhancing productivity and delivering superior results. Discover a new level of precision and efficiency with 4KCRAFT.

4K Modular Multiviewer draw

Display & control all your sources with all Professional Monitoring tools

Discover a world of professional tools and adjustments with 4KCRAFT Multiviewers. Equipped with essential features such as UMD and Tally, Aspect Ratio Selection, Markers, 16 Channel Audio Level Meters, Alarms, Timecodes, Clocks & Timers, border and background color selection, and more, these multiviewers provide all the tools you need for a seamless operation.

With 4KCRAFT, navigating through the OSD menu is a breeze, thanks to user-configurable direct keys and an encoder. Easily locate any adjustment or function with the press of a direct key, and for environments with low light, you have the option to turn off the LED lights on the keys.

Experience ultimate convenience with our web-based Control Software, allowing you to remotely control all your 4KCRAFT units effortlessly. With just one touch on your tablet, phone, or PC, you can access and manage your multiviewers from anywhere. Say goodbye to complicated setups and embrace the simplicity of remote control.

Unlock the full potential of 4KCRAFT Multiviewers and streamline your workflow with intuitive controls, advanced features, and seamless remote access. Enhance your productivity and achieve optimal results with ease.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


Wide range of markers and security areas are available with line color and curtain transparency selection. A User Marker is available if any of standard markers fits your requirements.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


On screen video and audio alarms with selectable color and time selection. No Input, Black Image, No Audio, Silence.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Timecode and Source Format Information

On screen ATC Timecode information and Video Format Information

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

16 Channel Audio Level Meter

Display up to 16 Channel Audio Level Meters with a wide range of options (All together, Separate in pairs-odds,.. Selectable Yellow and Red color level and two different sizes.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Tally and UMD

Red, Green and Yellow tally and 16 character UMD compatible with TSL 3.1 and TSL 5.0. Three tally modes available: Square, Border and UMD (all can be activated together)

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Encoder & Dual Functionality Direct Keys

Encoder to easy navigate through the OSD menu, and direct keys with dual functionality (fixed/configurable). Activate [Fn] and access to your favorite adjustments just with a press. Keys LED lights can be turned off if required for dark environments

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Border & Text color selection

Selectable Border and Text color. Available colors: black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and 7 grey levels.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Clocks & timers

Display up to 2 clocks and 6 timers in your Layout. NTP and internal clocks and UP and Down Counters.

4K multiviewer software

Soft4Boxes Pro Control Software

Soft4Boxes Pro is a user-friendly Web-Based control software to control our Multiviewer, Monitors and Video Processors. Control all your 4KCRAFT units remotely only with one touch using a tablet, phone or PC!
* Click here for more information!

Features Multiviewers

Unique in the market No Delay Cascade Capability

Experience the power of 4KCRAFT, a hardware-based Multiviewer that boasts a superior quality image processing engine with minimal processing delay. What sets 4KCRAFT apart is the integration of our exclusive B2B-Link Communication System, enabling seamless cascading of equipment without introducing any additional delay. This innovative feature allows you to expand your system and display an increased number of sources without compromising performance.

Take control of your Multiviewer remotely with ease, thanks to the Ethernet connector and our intuitive web-based Remote Control Software. With a simple drag and drop interface, managing and customizing your Multiviewer becomes effortless. Additionally, the software is SNMP compatible, ensuring seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and versatility of 4KCRAFT Multiviewer. Enjoy superior image processing, minimal delay, expandability, and remote control capabilities, all in a single, reliable solution. Streamline your workflow and elevate your visual experience with 4KCRAFT.

Features Multiviewers 4craft

Flexible and Easy to use, 4KCRAFT can be used in a wide range of applications

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Industry and Control Rooms

- Quality Control
- Engineering Departments
- R&D Departments
-Control Rooms

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Stock and Banking Market

- Banking control rooms and offices
- Stock Market & Brokers control rooms
- Cryptocurrency Servers and control

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Engineering & Design

- Engineering Departemnts
- Software and games design
- Design & Modeling Departments

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Live Stream and e-Sports

- Live Stream Set Up
- e-Sportes
- Gaming & Software Dessign

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Corporate & Presentations

- Presentations & Conferencing
- Events
- Training facilities

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall


- Control Rooms
- KVM Remote control optimization

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall


- Courtrooms
- Mission critical environments
- Control rooms

Uses Screen bridge KVM MULTIVIEWER Switcher Videowall

Rental, Staging & Live Events

- Conferences & Corporate events
- Multi-screen live events
- Casinos
- Stadiums



- 8 or 16 12G/3G/HD/SD/SDI or HDMI (Depending on the model)


- 4KCRAFT-QUATRO (4 x 3GSDI OUTPUTS and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 50/60hz Output)
- 4KCRAFT-DUO (2 x 3GSDI OUTPUTS and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 25/35hz Output)
- 4KCRAFT-ONE (1 x 3GSDI OUTPUT and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 25/35hz Output)

TSL and Remote Control

- 1 x RJ-11 connector for TSL 3.1 (RS-485) and RS-232 in/out
- 1 x Ethernet RJ-45 for TSL 5.0 and SNMP control softwares.
- 1 x GPIO contact closure Connector for Red Tally.


Autosensing inputs between 3G/HD/SD and simultaneous viewing of all inputs with different resolutions and frequencies.


Through USB 2.0 high speed connection or Ethernet.


Through Ethernet control free software Soft4Boxes Pro.

Compatible format

12G Standards

- SMPTE ST 2081 and SMPTE ST 2082
- Format: 2160p(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98)
- Cable lenght: 85m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

3G Standards

- SMPTE 424M-2006 level A and Level B Dual Stream (B-DS)
- Format: 1920x1080p (60, 59.94, 50)
- Cable lenght: 85m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

HD Standards

- SMPTE 274M and SMPTE 296M
- Formats: 1080p (30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98, 30PsF, 29.97PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF, 23.98PsF) 1080i (60, 59.94, 50) 720p (60, 59.94, 50)
- Cable lenght: 100m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

SD Standards

- SMPTE 125M/259M
- Formats: 480i (59.94) 576i (50)
- Cable lenght: 250m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

SDI Compliance

SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 425M-B, ITU‑R BT.656, ITU‑R BT.601.


- Formats: 1080p (60 / 59.84 / 50 / 30/ 29.97 /25 / 24 / 23.98 / 25sF / 24sF/ 23.98sF) 1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50), 720p (60 / 59.94 / 50) and multiple PC resolutions

Audio Level Meters

Vu-meters standard in every input (16ch on 3G/HD/SDI and 8ch on HDMI)

SDI Video Sampling


SDI Audio Sampling

Standard frequency of 48 kHz and 24 bits.

SDI Color Precision

4:2:2 of 10 bits input

SDI Color space



Built-in Keyboard

Multiple user configurable keys and encoder for adjusting all the multiviewer parameters.

External control

Full control of all parameters through ethernet using our free software Soft4Boxes or any other SNMP agent.

Customized Keyboard

Create your customized keypad broadcast deck using our keypad creator on Soft4Boxes PRO and access your main features and layouts faster.

Power requirements

Power supply

12V External power supply
IEC Cable (included) for 100-240 V.

Power Fail protection

Configuration will preserve and restore inmediatly when power back on the equipment.

Power Consumption

24 W

Physical Specifications

4Craft dimensions

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0 °C a 40 °C (32 °F a 104 °F)

Storage Temperature

–20 °C a 45 °C (–4 °F a 113 °F)

Relative Humidity

0 % a 90 % without condensation


2 year warranty on the electronics. Limited Manufacturer warranty.

Ordering reference

4KCRAFT-QUATRO references (4 x 3GSDI OUTPUTS and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 50/60hz Output)

- 4KCRAFT-12G16 (QUATRO) - 16 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8 (QUATRO) - 8 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G16 (QUATRO) - 16 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G8 (QUATRO) - 8 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD16 (QUATRO) - 16 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD8 (QUATRO) - 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8 (QUATRO) - 8 x 12G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8 (QUATRO) - 8 x 3G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs

4KCRAFT-DUO references (2 x 3GSDI OUTPUTS and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 25/35hz Output)

- 4KCRAFT-12G16D (DUO) - 16 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8D (DUO) - 8 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G16D (DUO) - 16 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G8D (DUO) - 8 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD16D (DUO) - 16 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD8D (DUO) - 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8D (DUO) - 8 x 12G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8D (DUO) - 8 x 3G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs

4KCRAFT-ONE references (1 x 3GSDI OUTPUT and 1 x HDMI 4K UHD up to 25/35hz Output)

- 4KCRAFT-12G16O (ONE) - 16 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8O (ONE) - 8 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G16O (ONE) - 16 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-3G8O (ONE) - 8 x 3G SDI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD16O (ONE) - 16 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-HD8O (ONE) - 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8O (ONE) - 8 x 12G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs
- 4KCRAFT-12G8HD8O (ONE) - 8 x 3G SDI & 8 x HDMI inputs

* For other input combinations contact us.