Professional 12G LCD Monitors Full HD 18

Versatile 18,5” 12G SDI Professional LCD Monitor with Quad-Split and HDR pre-visualization.

PLUMA SERIES 12G is a new line of professional LCD Monitors with 2 x 12G SDI, 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1 x SFP Module Slot, 1 x HDMI and 2 free configurable 3G SDI BNC connectors. Select to use them as inputs and display on screen 4 x 3G SDI inputs using the Quad MODE, or use them as active loop through of SDI inputs 1 and 2.

PLUMA SERIES integrates our new superior quality 12 bit image processing engine, HDR pre-visualization (HLG, PQ, SLOG) options and 3D LUT colour management options for accurate reproduction of all standard sources.

The rugged and Ultra-Light aluminum design and wide viewing angles displays, makes them easy to integrate, and our energy-efficient board design and LED backlight display grant low temperature while working.

Professional 12G LCD Monitors

Full Featured Monitors

- 18,5" Ultra-Light Chassis LED Backlight LCD Monitor
- 2 x 12G SDI inputs with active loop through
- 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Autosensing inputs, and 2 x 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Configureable Input/Output
- 1 x 4K HDMI Input, 1 x SFP Module slot (Optional Optical Fiber and IP ST 2110 Input Modules)
- 12 bit image processing based in FPGA, image no delay
- Build-in Quad- Split MOD
- HDR supports PQ (ST2084), HLG, SLOG-3
- Color space: REC709/EBU/SMPT-C/DCI-P3/REC2020
- Support user 3D LUT files import
- Color temperature adjustment (5600K, 6500K, 9300K and User (R, G, B Gain and Bias adjustment))
- 3D LUT Color calibration with ColourSpace.
- Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustment
- Aspect Ratio Selection (4:3, 16:9)

- Gamma correction
- Backlight adjustment
- Blue Only / Monochrome
- Markers
- Built in Audio Disembedder, 16 channel Audio Level Meters
- UMD & Tally
- Real time color Waveform and Vectorscope
- Selectable RGB, R, G, B, YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr waveform
- Selectable transparency of all scopes and Audio level Meters
- Focus assist
- False color
- Quick control: Easy to use keyboard with user configurable direct keys and encoder
- Space-saving lightweight aluminium design
- Fanless, energy-efficient design

Features LCD Monitors
Features LCD Monitors

Versatile design & Maximum flexibility with 12G SDI, 4K HDMI & 3G SDI support

PLUMA-12G Series integrates 2 x 12G SDI Inputs with active Loop Through, 4 x BNC SDI connectors, 4K HDMI connector and an SFP Slot. Two of the 3G SDI connectors are free configureable, and can be set as inputs or as Outputs (Active Loop Through). Select to use them as inputs and display on screen 4 x 3GSDI inputs using the Quad MOD!
PLUMA-12G Series Support the most popular video standards, with multi-rate connections, you get full support for Ultra HD, HD and SD broadcast standards.
PLUMA-12G features an SFP Slot with optional Optical Fiber inputs and ST 2110 uncompressed video over 10GbE IP network.

Features LCD Monitors

Maximum flexibility to control your sources with Advanced Quad-Mode

Select between Quad View or Full Screen View of any of your sources. In Quad Mode display the 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI or the HDMI input. Each quadrant can display sources with different format (1080i50Hz, 1080p25Hz,...), and can integrate up to 16 channel Audio Level Meters of embedded audio (on the 3G SDI sources), real time color Waveform and Vectorscope, Time code (on the 3G SDI sources),... Each window has image resize capability in Quad and Full Screen view, so scopes, audio Level Meters,... can be located inside or outside the image. All this adjustments can be made using the OSD menu or remotely using our Soft4Boxes Lite control software.

Features LCD Monitors

All the Professional Features you need on your workstation

These monitors have all professional features and adjustments as UMD and Tally, Blue Only, Aspect Ratio Selection, Markers, Real time color Waveform and Vectorscope per input (SDI 1 and SDI2), 16 Channel Audio Level Meters, Alarms, Timecodes, backlight and color temperature adjustment (5600K, 6500K, 9300K, and RGB Gain and Bias adjustment),..

And much more ...

PLUMA monitors come packed with features designed to meet the demanding needs of broadcast professionals, including HDR, 3DLUT calibration, waveforms and vectorscope, signal alarms, and so much more. PLUMA monitors boast a powerful 12-bit image processing engine, ensuring that every detail of your content is accurately captured and displayed with exceptional clarity and precision.

With the high brightness panels, you can count on these monitors to deliver accurate, vivid colors and sharp images, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. And with HDR 3DLUT calibration, you can be sure that your colors are always accurate and consistent, regardless of the lighting environment. The built-in waveforms and vectorscope provide valuable tools for ensuring that your signal is accurate and your colors are balanced. And with signal alarms, markers, tallys, Audio level meters, false colour, focus assist and other features you can stay on top of any issues that arise during your broadcast, ensuring that you always deliver a flawless performance.

PLUMA monitors are also packed with additional features to make your job easier, including Quad-split and picture-by-picture functions, easy to use configuration SNMP compatible software and integrate user configurable direct keys and encoder to easy navigate through the OSD menu. Any adjustment can be located in a direct key, to access functions just with a press, and keys LED lights can be turned off if required for dark environments. With easy-to-use controls and a sleek design, these monitors are a joy to use.

PLUMA-12G Monitors also include an SFP module slot, adapt them to your needs and easily expand your input options with our optional SFP modules, including optical fiber, HDMI, and accepts IP SMPTE-2110 and IP SMPTE-2022 modules too, making it easier than ever to integrate into your existing IP infrastructure. With the ability to add more inputs in the future, you will never have to worry about limitations when it comes to your broadcast setup.

Upgrade to our high brightness Broadcast monitors today and experience the ultimate in flexibility, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology - the perfect choice for any professional broadcast setup.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

HDR Pre-visualization

HDR Pre-visualization (HLG, PQ, SLOG) with tetrahedral LUT interpolation engine of 4.913 points (17x17x17)

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


3D LUT Color Management options for accurate reproduction of all standard sources (Rec709, EBU, SMPTE-C and DCI) and custom color spaces

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

SFP Slot

Adapt your monitors to your needs, select one of the optional SFP modules (optical fiber, HDMI,...) and add more inputs in the future! NOW IP SMPTE-2110 and IP SMPTE-2022 AVAILABLE!

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

12 bit image processing

Superior quality 12 bit image processing engine that offer smooth gradients without banding.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


Wide range of markers and security areas are available with line color and curtain transparency selection. A User Marker is available if any of standard markers fits your requirements.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Color Temperature and Gamma Selection

Professional colorimetry broadcast adjustments, with Gamma Correction and color Temperature selection (5600K, 6500K, 9300K and user with Red, Green and Blue, Gain and Bias adjustments)

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Blue, Red and Green Only, and Monochrome

Blue Only, Red Only, Green Only, Blue All, Red All, Green All, Monochrome and Inverse.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

16 Channel Audio Level Meter

Display up to 16 Channel Audio Level Meters with a wide range of options (All together, Separate in pairs-odds,.. Selectable Yellow and Red color level and two different sizes.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Waveform & Vectorscope

Real time color Waveform and vectorscope. Select between RGB, R, G, B, YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr Waveform and two different sizes of scopes. Locate the scopes anywhere on the source quadrant.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Timecode and Source Format Information

On screen ATC Timecode information and Video Format Information

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


On screen video and audio alarms with selectable color and time selection. No Input, Black Image, No Audio, Silence.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Tally and UMD

Red, Green and Yellow tally and 16 character UMD compatible with TSL 3.1 and TSL 5.0. Three tally modes available: Square, Border and UMD (all can be activated together)

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Focus Assist

Ajdustable focus assist. Multiple different colors.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

False color

Check exposure of your image using False color tool.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

1:1 Pixel Mapping

1:1 pixel mapping of sources wich resolution is different than the native resolution of the panel.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

PaP - Picture and Picture

Visualize Picture and Picture of your SDI sources with all scopes and resizing capability

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Border & Text color selection

Selectable Border and Text color. Available colors: black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and 7 grey levels.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Encoder & Dual Functionality Direct Keys

Encoder to easy navigate through the OSD menu, and direct keys with dual functionality (fixed/configurable). Activate [Fn] Mode to the keys with your custom configuration and access your favourite adjustments just with a press. Keys LED lights can be turned off if required for dark environments.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Soft4Boxes Pro Control Software

Soft4Boxes Pro is a software to control our SLX Series Monitors (Stand Alone & Quad-Split versions). S4B PRO is an intuitive and user-friendly "drag & drop" control software. * Click here for more information!


LCD Panel

- 18.5" LCD GRADE A Panel
- 1920 x 1080 pixels LED Backlight display
- Brightness: 500 cd/m²
- Contrast: 1000:1
- 178,178 Wide viewing angles



- 2 x 12G SDI inputs
- 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Autosensing BNCS (2 of them selectable as Input or Active loop through (firmware MOD))
- 1 x HDMI
- 1 x SFP Module slot


Autosensing inputs between 3G/HD/SD and simultaneous viewing of all inputs with different resolutions and frequencies.


Through USB 2.0 high speed connection or Ethernet.


Through Ethernet control free software Soft4Boxes Pro.

Compatible format

12G Standards

- SMPTE ST 2081 and SMPTE ST 2082
- Format: 2160p(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98)
- Cable lenght: 85m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

3G Standards

- SMPTE 424M-2006 level A and Level B Dual Stream (B-DS)
- Format: 1920x1080p (60, 59.94, 50)
- Cable lenght: 85m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

HD Standards

- SMPTE 274M and SMPTE 296M
- Formats: 1080p (30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98, 30PsF, 29.97PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF, 23.98PsF) 1080i (60, 59.94, 50) 720p (60, 59.94, 50)
- Cable lenght: 100m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

SD Standards

- SMPTE 125M/259M
- Formats: 480i (59.94) 576i (50)
- Cable lenght: 250m Belden 1694A
- BNC Connector

SDI Compliance

SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 425M-B, ITU‑R BT.656, ITU‑R BT.601.

Audio Level Meters

Vu-meters standard in every input (16ch on 3G/HD/SDI and 8ch on HDMI)

SDI Video Sampling


SDI Audio Sampling

Standard frequency of 48 kHz and 24 bits.

SDI Color Precision

4:2:2 of 10 bits input and 12 bit internal processing.

SDI Color space



Built-in Keyboard

Multiple user configurable keys and encoder for adjusting all the monitor parameters.

External control

Full control of all parameters through ethernet using our free software Soft4Boxes or any other SNMP agent.


Full compatible with Light illusion calibration software.

Power requirements

Power supply

12V External power supply
IEC Cable (included) for 100-240 V.

Power Fail protection

Configuration will preserve and restore inmediatly when power back on the monitor.

Power Consumption

24 W

Physical Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0 °C a 40 °C (32 °F a 104 °F)

Storage Temperature

–20 °C a 45 °C (–4 °F a 113 °F)

Relative Humidity

0 % a 90 % without condensation


1 Year warranty on the LCD panel and 2 year warranty on the electronics. Limited Manufacturer warranty.