Cost-effective LCD Monitors with build-in Quad-split

Professional Quad-split LCD Monitors

SFX-3G4 Series is a new line of professional cost-effective Quad-split LCD Monitors with 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Autosensing inputs and 4K downscale capability. These monitors have all professional features and adjustments as UMD and Tally, Aspect Ratio Selection, Markers, Real time color Waveform and Vectorscope per input (SDI 1 and SDI 2), 16 Channel Audio Level Meters, Alarms, Timecodes, backlight and color temperature adjustment (5600K, 6500K, 9300K, and RGB Gain and Bias adjustment),.. SFX-3G4 monitors integrate user configurable direct keys and encoder to easy navigate through the OSD menu.