Bre4k HDMI 4K Multiviewer / Quadsplit

Professional easy to use 4K HDMI Quad-Split

Display and control 4 x FHD HDMI sources simultaneously on a 4K UHD screen or projector with all professional features. Waveform, Vectorscope, 8 Channel Audio Level meters, Markers, Alarms and UMD. Bre4K is an small 4K HDMI Multiviewer with superior quality image processing engine with low processing delay.

With compact and Lightweight Aluminium design, Bre4K is a fanless and energy-efficient Multiviewer that grant low temperature while working.

Stream your layout and optimize your resources

Use an HDMI to USB adapter to stream your layout through YouTube, Skype, Zoom, Twitch, OBS,....Get the best quality in your live streaming! Bre4K is the best option to stream up to 4 sources simultaneously and optimize your PC resources. Get maximum reliability with a professional hardware based solution!

Connect your HDMI sources from cameras, PC, ... and stream them easily. Bre4K includes an Ethernet connector to control it remotely using our user friendly drag and drop Remote Control Software (SNMP compatible)

Modular Multiviewer BRE4K

Multiple installation options. Display, stream and control your Multicamera setup

Manage up to 4 FHD HDMI signals, from cameras, computers,...and display them in a 4K screen or projector, or stream them using an HDMI to USB converter, and the Bre4k will be seen as a webcam. Easy control your Bre4K remotely with our free user friendly control software using your computer, tablet or mobile phone!

Features Multiviewers BRE4K
Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Display & control 4 HDMI sources on a 4K screen with all professional features

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


Gran variedad de marcadores y security areas disponibles con selección de color y nivel de transparencia de cortina. Posibilidad de personalizar su marcador si los marcadores estándar no se adaptan a sus necesidades.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors


Alarmas en pantalla de video y audio con color y tiempo seleccionable. No Input, Black Image, No Audio, Silence.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Monitor de onda y vectorscopio

Monitor de onda y vectorscopio a tiempo real. Monitor de onda seleccionable entre RGB, R, G, B, YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr y 2 tamaños distintos de los scopes. Coloque sus scopes donde quiera en cada uno de los quadrantes.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Color de Borde y Texto seleccionable

Color de Borde y texto seleccionable. Colores disponibles: negro, blanco, rojo, verde, azul, cian, magenta, amarillo y 7 niveles de gris.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

8 Canales Audio Level Meter

Muestre hasta 8 canales Audio Level Meters con un amplio rango de opciones (Todos juntos, separados en pares-impares,.. Nivel amarillo y rojo seleccionable y 2 tamaños diferentes disponibles.

Features Quad-split LCD Monitors

Tally y UMD

Tally Rojo, Verde y ambar y 16 caracteres UMD compatibles con TSL 3.1 y TSL 5.0. Tres modos de tally disponibles: Square, Border y UMD (pueden activarse todos a la vez)

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Easy display, stream and control. Bre4K can be used in a wide range of applications

Bre4k is a high quality video processing hardware based solution, that optimize your resources.
Let Bre4k do the hard work!

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Corporate and Presentations

Take your presentations to the next level! Or improve your Skype online presentations using an HDMI to USB converter, and your Bre4k will be seen as a webcam. Stream up to 4 sources in one stream, and optimize your resources.

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Live Stream and e-Sport

Stream up to 4 sources in your eSport live emisions to Twitch by simply connecting multiple PC or cameras, and optimize your resources, as Bre4k will be seen as a webcam using an HDMI to USB converter. Or use Bre4k Quad to improve your gaming desk, and see all your sources in a 4K screen!

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Education and Training

Set your educational and training live productions to a professional level! Connect and stream up to 4 PC or cameras and improve your programme. Bre4k is easy to use and control, using our free remote control software.

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Stock Market

Use Bre4k Quad to improve your desk, and display up to 4 FHD sources in a 4K screen! Get maxiumum quality and flexibility, and use our free control software to access to all your PC signals with only one click.

Features Multiviewers BRE4K


Display up to 4 FHD HDMI sources in a 4K screen with all features of a professional Multiview. 8 Channel Audio Level Meters, Waveform, Scope, Alarms,...Bre4k Quad Pro is a small Multiview with all big features!

Features Multiviewers BRE4K

Industry and Control Rooms

Use Bre4k Quad to get maximum quality and flexibiliyt, and display up to 4 FHD HDMI signals in a 4K screen. Use our free control software to access to all your PC or video signals with only one click.

- 4K Multiviewer system
- Hardware based (NO Pc, NO hard-drive)
- 4 Full HD HDMI inputs
- 1 HDMI 4K output
- High quality image processing engine with low processing delay
- Quick control: encoder
- Aspect Ratio Selection (4:3, 16:9)
- Markers and safety areas
- No audio, Silence, No input and Black image on screen alarms
- 8 Channel Audio Level Meters (embedded audio)

- Real time color Waveform (Selectable RGB, R, G, B, YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr) and Vectorscope per inputs
- Selectable format of Audio level meters (Vertical or Horitzontal)
- 16 characters UMD and video format information per input
- Tally and UMD 5.0 compatible
- Selectable border, text color
- Free user friendly drag and drop control software and firmware update by USB
- SNMP Compatible system
- Space-saving, fanless, energy-efficient and lightweight aluminium design



- 4 Full HD HDMI (1080p (60 / 59.84 / 50 / 30/ 29.97 /25 / 24 / 23.98) 1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50), 720p (60 / 59.94 / 50), Ask for PC resolutions)


- 1 x 4K HDMI UHD 50/60Hz Output and 1080i (50,60), 1080p (25, 30, 50)


- RJ-45 Connector


- Upgrade system


- 150.00 x 110.00 x 25.00 mm
- 0,5 Kg


- 12V DC (XLR Connector)
- Power consumption 10W


- Data Sheet: Bre4K - 4K Multiviewer Video Processor
- Manual: Bre4K - 4K Multiviewer Video Processor

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Features Multiviewers BRE4K

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